About Us

WE LOVE COMICS!!! Comic Odyssey stores are the only specialty comic shops in the Philippines that "truly" caters to the comics market. We have been serving comic fans in the Philippines since June 1997. We stock over 300 monthly new comic titles from all the major comic publishers including lots of independent small press titles. We also have a wide range of assorted graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and hardcovers with over 5,000 to choose from.

We specialize in BACK ISSUE COMICS with an extensive selection of over 100,000 individual back issues dating back from the early 1960's to present. We also carry comics related merchandise such as action figures, limited edition statues, and collectible card games (CCGs) mainly Magic the Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, and Vanguard. We sell packs, decks, card supplies, and individual card singles from all your favorite CCGs. Comic Odyssey stocks everything from super-heroes, horror, fantasy, Archies, Manga, and more!!! We are also big supporters of local Filipino Komiks and are active at many local comic and toy conventions.

We are dedicated to helping expand the comics community and sharing our passion for comics. Our knowledgeable and caring staff can help you with all your collecting needs. Come visit us and check out the widest and best selection of comics, toys, cards, and pop culture in the country.

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