Weekly Reservation

In our continuous effort in improving our services, we've just launched a brand new weekly comics reservations website.
Our new site features everything you need to know for all new weekly releases. There will be no more worries about your orders not going through or multiple log-in mistakes.
Here are just a few things you can do with our newest reservations system:
- reserve your weekly new comics, tpbs, hcs, and merchandise
- view full images and descriptions of all upcoming items
- review your weekly totals before release date
- edit your reservations until the weekly order deadline 
- order multiple copies of upcoming releases 
- make special requests through the comments section at the confirmation page
- filter items by publisher & category
- view order history of past reservations
Our new reservations system is accessible through desktop, tablets, and most mobile phones (some phones might not work, but we're working on that now). 
To access our new reservations page, you must create a user account. It's very simple and this will allow us to serve you better.
You can also log-in through your Facebook page.
So, what are you waiting for? Log-in now by clicking on the link below:

Please note: Our weekly reservations cut-off time is every Tuesday at 6pm. 
After 6pm on Tuesdays, you may review your reservations, but cannot edit or add additional items.
We hope you will like our new reservations system. Any feedback you may have, positive or negative, would be appreciated.