Happy Weekend HC by Alan Quah


From Alan Quah:
I'm proud to present to you this little project that I have been working on for the past 10 years.
Most people know me from the superheroes or comic book covers I draw but those who have been following my early work will recognise me posting cartoon strips of my family specifically my children .

When my kids were born I wanted to record as many precious moments as possible of them growing up. But I am not a writer, writing a diary or a blog is not my forte, so I decided to sketch any important or funny events on a sketchbook. Most of these sketches will find their way on my Facebook and most times generating more interests than postings of my professional work. I am guessing people like humor and most importantly the snippets relate to them one way or another as a parent or in their life experiences.

Life as a comic artists is very tough in the early years. The hours are very long (sometimes 12-15 hours a day) and I don't get to have too much us time on weekdays but we make do. Our family time is well spent on the weekends which we look forward to. And this sketchbook is accumulated with memorable stories as the year grows.
Most of them are drawn on a Saturday morning, posted on a weekend.

Our Happy Weekend.

This is our story.


(W) (W/A) Alan Quah



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