Aero #3 Virgin CO Exclusive by Whilce Portacio

Marvel Comics

Introducing SEA HUNTER, the newest FILIPINA super hero! A PHILIPPINES EXCLUSIVE cover featuring a homage to Uncanny X-men #282 by legendary creator WHILCE PORTACIO.

THE KEY TO CATASTROPHE! • Searching for the source of the mystical monsters threatening her beloved Shanghai, AERO confronts the mysterious MADAME HUANG - and faces the horror of KEYSTONE! • Meanwhile, WAVE fights to prove herself to TRIUMPH DIVISION by tracking down the fugitive scientists of ALONTECH. • What will she do when she discovers their true motives - and how far will Aero be willing to follow her friend down her new path? Rated T+


(W) Zhou Liefen Greg Pak (A) Pop Mhan Keng (A) Whilce Portacio

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