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BEANWORLD HOLIDAY SPECIAL Larry Marder (W/A) On sale December 17 FC, 24 pages $3.50 One-shot The first new Beanworld story in print in over a decade, the Beanworld Holiday Special is the perfect introduction to Larry Marder's inimitable creation! As enjoyable for children as it is enlightening for adults, Beanworld is a grand adventure that explores social dynamics, culture creation, and ecological networks-all in great fun! Take a tour of this magical world, from Proffy's Fix-It Shop to a Fabulous Look-See Show, in this issue that introduces toys to the baby Cuties and plunges readers into one of the most original and brilliant comic-book universes ever created! You've never seen anything like it-unless you're a longtime fan of Marder's, in which case you'll be thrilled by the return of this wonderful and peculiar comic-book experience! "Larry Marder's Beanworld is a vegetarian update on Krazy Kat with a world and lingo unto itself." -Smithsonian Studies of American Art "One doesn't read Beanworld at all, one lives it. Beanworld draws you into its world and plays out in your mind. This is a rare feat in any medium, and a treasure in comics." -Feature Magazine Text and illustrations of Beanworld™ Holiday Special © 2008 Larry Marder.   


(W) (W/A/CA) Larry Marder



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