CANTO A PLACE LIKE HOME #1 VARIANT MACK 1:10 (Allocations will occur)

Dark Horse Prh

Hang on to your helmets! The Shrouded Man saga rushes toward the final battle...   The tiny clockwork knight returns after making the ultimate choice to save his people above all else. He has amassed allies in the war against the Shrouded Man, but even an army may not be enough to stop the evil sorcerer's quest to conquer Canto's people. Fighting to save New Arcana won't be easy, but nothing ever is for the brave Canto!    The fan-favorite comic fantasy continues with the miniseries Canto: A Place Like Home by Eisner and GLAAD nominated writer David M. Booher and fan-favorite artist Drew Zucker!   •  The finale series to the Shrouded Man Saga Begins at Dark Horse Comics!   •  An All-ages modern fairytale of epic proportions.


(W) David M. Booher (A) Drew Zucker (A) David Mack



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