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From out of the swamp comes a look at the amazingly eclectic and diverse life of the multi-talented Stephen R. Bissette, best known for his collaboration with Alan Moore on Swamp Thing. The career-spanning chat discusses his early love of dinosaurs and his development from graduate of the Joe Kubert School to breakout as a pro (Heavy Metal, Scholastic, DC), independent efforts with his Spiderbaby Grafix (Taboo, Tyrant, etc.), and his long-running stint as instructor at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Then, experience a detailed-and highly entertaining-look at 1972's infamous Marvel-Ous Evening With Stan Lee at Carnegie Hall event! Plus part two of our conversation with comics retail and mail order pioneer Bud Plant, plus CBC's usual crew of contributors shares their latest insights!


(W) VARIOUS (A) Paul Gulacy Various (A) Paul Gulacy



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