Marvel Comics

Written by DAVE LAPHAM Pencils & Cover by DAVE LAPHAM MEANS AND ENDS, PART 2 OF 6 David Lapham (Stray Bullets) continues his electric series as things heat up between the Punisher and Daredevil! As tension mounts in the city and an innocent civilian family is confronted by thugs, the Punisher begins a one-man killing spree, slicing through the Mafia with a reckless abandon. But Hammerhead and his cohorts make a play to consolidate their power, bringing in some super-powered muscle to claim a ten-million-dollar bounty on the Punisher's head! And Daredevil-the new "Kingpin" of the city - won't go silently into the night.  Featuring a confrontation between Daredevil and Hammerhead!


(W) (W/A) David Lapham



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