Dark Horse Comics

Cover by Mike Mignola. Legend creator Mike Mignola continues his thrilling tale of supernatural mayhem in "Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August," part 2. Hellboy discovers the tragic secret buried deep beneath an ancient family chapel, but he may be too late to prevent another disaster of grisly proportions! Meet Jeff Baden, a tortured soul cast off from the secret labs of the Mono Corp, who possesses a horrifying power that could destroy all of civilization. Don't miss the premiere of "Baden," in Dark Horse Presents. Also, the new village welcomes Daishon and the baby with open arms, but there are some who welcome him even more. In this month's installment of "Paleolove," a midnight visitor brings Daishon the promise of love, but a dark man whose heart is filled with revenge brings him only the promise of blood. B&W.


(W) Mike Mignola



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