FANTASTIC FOUR #50 (Note Price)

Marvel Comics

cover by barry windsor-smith
carlos pacheco, rafael Marin, jeph loeb, & fabian nicieza (w)/tom
grummett, carlos pacheco, steve rude, udon (P)/mike royer (i)
• THE SCOOP: A team of titanic talents celebrate the FF's 50th issue
with a 64-page extravaganza! 4 new stories for the Fantastic Four!
• THE STORY: In our first fabulous tale -- which is also a 'Nuff Said
story -- the team of writers Carlos Pacheco and Rafael Marin and penciler Tom
Grummett explore the anniversary of the day the FF first received their cosmic
ray-spawned powers, as memories turn to those early days, when our four intrepid
adventurers had to come to grips with how their lives had forever changed. Then,
Fabian Nicieza and Steve Rude raffle off the Torch and the Thing at a charity
bachelor auction! Up next, Udon (X-MEN: EVOLUTION) explores the question of what
gift you get for the couple who has everything! And if that's not enough,
Pacheco and Jeph Loeb join forces on a tale that illustrates exactly how the
Fantastic Four comic makes its way from their minds to your hands every month!
The cherry on top? The new cover by Barry Windsor-Smith!
• THE FORMAT: It's a whopping 64-pages (with ads) blockbuster!


(W) Rafael Marin Carlos Pacheco (A) Tom Grummett (A) Barry Windsor-Smith



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