GI JOE #42

Devils Due Publishing Inc

by Brandon Jerwa & Tim Seeley Dawn of the Red Shadows Pt I The Dawn of the Red Shadows is at hand - and with it, the End of G.I. Joe as you know it! They've vowed to destroy both Cobra and G.I. Joe...but who - or what - are the Red Shadows? What is their agenda? In the past few months, the Joes have seen some of their most legendary members injured or killed. They've been made scapegoats and had their ranks greatly reduced. Can General Rey, Flint, and Lady Jaye rally what's left of the team, and defeat an adversary that may prove to be their greatest challenge ever?   This is it - the storyline that leads directly into the biggest G.I. Joe event ever!


(W) Brandon Jerwa (A) Emiliano Santalucia Tim Seeley



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