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Discovering a band of demon cooks has captured her island home, warrior chef Savor Batonnet must undertake her very first quest as a newly minted hero! But being called a "hero" and possessing a handful of skills all the ingredients Savor needs to face five deadly restaurants, build the ultimate knife, save both her parents and the woman she loves? By creators Neil Kleid (Brownsville, Kings and Canvas, Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim), John Broglia (God Complex, Zombie-Sama) and Frank Reynoso (Kings and Canvas, The Sweetness). o For fans of Legend of Zelda, Top Chef, Disney films and cooking shows-or warrior chefs of all ages! o A new young-adult world à la Avatar: The Last Airbender. o A bite-sized graphic novel about finding your way, food fighting, and adventure!


(W) Neil Kleid (A/CA) John Broglia



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