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cover by kaare andrews
kaare andrews/kaare andrews
• THE SCOOP: A new self-contained story written and illustrated by
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN cover artist Kaare Andrews!
• THE SET-UP: So far, we've seen stories that showcase popular
super-villains in ways we've never seen. We've seen common thugs contemplating
the cost of living in Spider-Man's city. And we've seen an ordinary Joe with
the means to cash in on the web-slinger's identity. The one element that is
missing is perhaps the greatest one: Spidey's impact on kids.
• THE STORY: Meet Jack and Casey, two young brothers living on the
edge of nowhere, abandoned by their father and growing up way too soon. But when
the villain known as Electro bursts into their living room one chilly evening,
Jack and Casey will test the limits of their kinship and learn a thing or two
about power and responsibility -- courtesy of a certain someone!
• THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a
cardstock cover.


(W) (W/A) Kaare Andrews



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