ULTRA #3 (Of 8)

Image Comics

On sale 10.13 monthly eight-issue miniseries full color< 32 pages written by JONATHAN & JOSHUA LUNA art & cover by JONATHAN LUNA CONCEPT: In Spring City, where superheroes blur the lines between law enforcement and celebrity, Pearl Penalosa, AKA Ultra, is a workaholic. At the prestigious agency Heroine Inc., she has earned a legion of fans, a nomination for Best Heroine of the Year and a perfect life. Or so she thinks, until a chance encounter with a mysterious fortune-teller opens her world to new possibilities. THIS ISSUE: "Seven Days," Part Three-When Pearl finally decides to acknowledge the "signs" leading to true love (which may or may not happen), she makes a huge leap of faith by taking on something far more dangerous than crime-fighting or cut-throat superhero politics combined: the dating scene.


(W) Jonathan Luna Joshua Luna (A) Jonathan Luna



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