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Regular Cover Edition. Louise Simonson/Pascual Ferry. THE SCOOP: Spinning out of the X-Men¹s ³Rage Against The Machine² crossover comes WARLOCK #1, the first issue of the third ongoing M-Tech series! THE STORY: After a dangerously close call aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the techno-organic alien known as Warlock finds himself removed from his friends?and is branded a menace to society! Torn between his love for humanity and his own technological heritage, can our vulnerable visitor become a hero for the new millenneum? or will his Phalanx family strike him down where he stands?! Joe Quesada pencils the cover to WARLOCK #1 and it¹s inked by J.G. Jones.


(W) Louise Simonson (A) Pascual Ferry (A) Joe Quesada & J.G. Jones



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