Marvel Comics

Cover art by Adam Kubert. East is East, script by Larry Hama, pencils by Anthony Winn, inks: by Dan Green and Vince Russell; Wolvie allows himself to be arrested in order to flush out the Hand and is set upon by the Iron Monk who cannot be harmed by mortal weapons; Luckily, the enforcer for Clan Yashida shows up with the honor sword which Logan uses to cut the Monk down to size; Wolvie, Pale Flower and Yohei prepare to take on the Hand and rescue Amiko little realizing that the ninja clan is trying to brainwash the little girl and turn her against her former benefactor. 44 pgs


(W) LArry Hama (A) Anthony Winn & Dan Green & VInce Russell (A) Adam Kubert



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