• Cable (1993 1st Series) #6

    Publisher: Marvel

  • ₱150.00

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Cover pencils by Dwayne Turner,

inks by Jon Holdredge.

Fathers and Sons Act One: Sunset Breaks,

script by Fabian Nicieza,

pencils by Dwayne Turner,

inks by Jon Holderedge and Harry Candelario;

Tyler Dayspring, Cable's son, stands revealed as Mr. Tolliver; Cable and Domino meet at Maddie Pryor's grave where they are confronted by Sinister; Sinister explains that Cable is the original and Stryfe is the copy; Askani is sent back in time to assist but is captured by Tyler; Cable is possessed by Stryfe; Jean realizes that Stryfe is back and his purpose is to kill her and her husband. 36 pgs. $2.00. Cover price $2.00.