• Captain America Vol 4 Cap Lives TPB (2003-2004) 4th Series Collections

    Publisher: Marvel

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"Captain America Lives Again!"

Written by DAVE GIBBONS.


Cover by GENE HA.

WATCHMEN's Dave Gibbons writes this special story in classic Cap fashion - featuring two-fisted adventure, wall-to-wall action and scheming Nazis! Captain America finds himself in a nightmare New York City renamed "New Berlin," following the Nazis victory in WWII. Joining brave resistance fighters with strange but familiar faces like Ben Grimm, Peter Parker, and Professor Reed Richards, Cap must find out how history has been altered and the world changed from everything he once knew to everything he's fought against, and what does the Nazis' mysterious and terrifying ultimate weapon have to do with it? Plus, relive the RED SKULL's origin from TALES OF SUSPENSE #66! Softcover, 112 pages, full color.

Collects Captain America (2002 4th Series) #17-20 and Tales of Suspense (Vol.1) #66.