• Dawn Vol 2 Return of the Goddess TPB (2000-2002, 2005 Image)

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"The Return of the Goddess!"

Story and art by Joseph Michael Linsner.

There are reasons that the witches meet in secret. Pagans, Goddess worshippers...or Witches...the names may change, but those who have bowed at the feet of the Great Mother Goddess have been around since before recorded time. So have their enemies, who fear feminine power and hide in the shadows. Those who prey on the witches are so good at their grisly work that soon there are only two left-and one of them takes her own life rather than fall victim to the demons chasing her. With her dying breath, she summons Dawn, the Goddess of the earth, of birth and rebirth, and protector of the witches. Lucifer, prince of lies, and Ahura-Mazda, master of Heaven, may try to bar her path with treachery and swords, but neither Heaven nor Hell is safe from Dawn's quest for answers-and for bloody vengeance. Softcover, 144 pages, full color.

Collects Dawn: Return of the Goddess (1999) #1-4.