• Ender's Game Formic Wars Silent Strike HC (2012 Marvel)

    Publisher: Marvel

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Written by Orson Scott Card, and Aaron Johnston.

Art by Giancarlo Caracuzzo.

Cover by Guiseppe Camuncoli.

With 44 million people killed by the toxic gas the alien Formics unleashed in China, the only hope of a counter-agent lies with Mazer Rackham and the Mobile Operations Police safely retrieving a sample. Meanwhile, young asteroid miner Victor Delgado has snuck aboard the Formic mothership in hopes of taking it down alone - and boy is he is for a big disappointment. Meanwhile, Captain O'Toole and his unit take on the Formic Death Squads, but the humans are outnumbered a hundred to one! Besieged on all sides, the Formics fight to the bitter end - but as the Hegemon of Earth is revealed, is it truly the end after all? Hardcover, 128 pages, full color.

Collects Formic Wars Silent Strike (2011)#1-5.