• Preacher Dead or Alive - Covers by Glenn Fabry HC (2000)

    Publisher: Vertigo

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Text by Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry.

Painted Art and Cover by Fabry.

The highly acclaimed PREACHER series told the story of Jesse Custer, a former preacher who lost his faith and literally went on a search to find God and hold him accountable for his actions. This stunning masterpiece is a comprehensive collection of the award-winning cover paintings of every issue of this groundbreaking series. A perfect addition to any art-book library, this volume includes black and white cover sketches and insightful commentary by renowned painter Glenn Fabry and celebrated writer Garth Ennis giving the reader remarkable access to the behind-the-scenes creative process from initial conception to final execution. Hardcover, 192 pages, full color. Cover price $29.95.