• Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom TPB (2011 DC)

    Publisher: DC

  • ₱900.00

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Collects Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom (2010) #1-6.

Written by PETER HOGAN.

Art and cover by CHRIS SPROUSE and KARL STORY.

Tom Strong returns in this title collecting the 6-issue miniseries! As Tom Strong and his family prepare to celebrate a wedding, the unthinkable happens: Before their eyes, reality alters to become a world conquered by Nazis and ruled by Tom's nefarious son, Albrecht. What mysterious secret from Tom's past has brought about this catastrophe? To overthrow Albrecht and restore the world he knew, Tom must find a way to journey back in time and seek help from the only man he can trust: himself. But will even two Tom Strongs be enough to stop the Robots of Doom? Softcover, 144 pages, full color. Cover price $17.99.