• Turok Son of Stone Aztlan Vol 1 TPB (2011 Dark Horse)

    Publisher: Dark Horse

  • ₱800.00

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Written by Jim Shooter.

Art by Eduardo Francisco.

Cover by Raymond Swanland.

The American Southwest, 1428. Turok, a wandering warrior, rescues young Andar from death at the hands of the ruthless Maxtla and his Aztec horde. Turok and Andar seek refuge in a vast cavern, where an otherworldly force sweeps them and their pursuers to a savage, timeless land of rampaging dinosaurs and unimagined wonders. Hunted in a world of danger and death, Turok and Andar fight to survive-and to find a way home. Softcover, 96 pages, full color. Cover price $15.99.