• Yoshitaka Amano's Hero TPB (2006 Boom Studios)

    Publisher: Boom Studios

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By Yoshitaka Amano & Jessie Horsting

One of the world's greatest creators brings his most personal work to BOOM! Yoshitaka Amano debuts his first American comics project since Sandman: The Dream Hunters and Elektra-Wolverine: The Redeemer. One of the original concept artists for the Final Fantasy series of video games, along with creation and design of characters such as Vampire Hunter D and Gatachman (known as G-Force, or Battle of the Planets in the United States), Amano now focuses his creative vision on his own creation, Hero! Attending a gala party in New York City by way of a mysterious invitation, Hero finds a dark world ruled by creatures of myth and legend, and demons of peril and danger... and they all know him! In the midst of it all swirls a mysterious woman. Is she friend or foe? A tale of a wondrous journey and personal discovery, Hero Volume 1: Party of One features lavish, full-page illustrations, accompanied in text by writer Jessie Horsting.