ORIGIN #1 #1

Marvel Comics

cover by joe quesada
paul jenkins/andy kubert
• THE SCOOP: This is it! Paul Jenkins and Andy Kubert deliver the
origin you've all been waiting for!
• THE STORY: For years, one camp of comic book readers demanded the
story be told, while another begged us not to! Now, almost 30 years after he was
created, Wolverine — the most enigmatic and popular character in comics
— will finally have the story of his origin told for the first time! Who
is the mysterious man known only as Logan? Where does he come from? How did his
powers first appear? This special six-issue series will finally answer the
question: who is the man known as Wolverine?! Throw away your expectations and
prepare to enter the unknown!
• JENKINS SPEAKS: "He's spent all of these years wondering where he
came from and who he is. This story will now give us insight as to why he became
the person he is — where he comes from and how he was shaped as a person,"
Paul Jenkins explained. "So if you take Wolverine and boil him down to his
essence — forget the events, forget the adamantium skeleton, forget about
the healing factor and all that sort of stuff — and take him as a person
only, he's the kind of person who like the rest of us questions himself, wonders
what it was that shaped him. He's a metaphor for that sort of existential
question that we all ask ourselves all the time. He is the comic book version of
that question. By the time we get to the end of this story, we'll answer enough
parts of that question that he can go of in search of himself even more than
before. It reclarifies and it actually reenergizes him as a character."

• THE CREATORS: No one examines the psyche like Paul Jenkins (PETER
PARKER: SPIDER-MAN, INHUMANS, SENTRY, etc.), so we're teaming him up with master
X-Men artist Andy Kubert (ULTIMATE X-MEN)! We even got our own EIC, Joe Quesada,
to draw the covers!
• THE FORMAT: Each chapter of this six-issue series will be 32 pages,
with ads — printed on glossy stock paper with a cardstock cover.


(W) Bill Jemas & Various (A) Andy Kubert (A) Joe Quesada



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