SCREAM #3 (OF 4)

Dark Horse Comics

PETER DAVID (W), BART SEARS (P), RANDY ELLIOTT (I), and MICHELLE MADSEN (C) On sale 23 The horrifying creature manifested by Danny's terror and desperation might've successfully scared the bejeezus out of the bank robbers holding him hostage, but it also panicked the police and Danny's fellow hostages. Now eyewitness and ace reporter Sian Ferguson is in hot pursuit, determined to get to the bottom of this phenomenal story . . . and hopefully net a Pulitzer in the process. If only Danny wasn't trying to keep a low profile and evade the nutters from Belle Foux . . . ! Don't miss this origin story, as told by top comics scribe Peter David!


(W) Peter David (A) Randy Elliott Bart Sears (A) Bart Sears



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